Fast, Precise, Flexible, & Coordinated

New energy technology is rapidly transitioning the way electric grids are planned, managed and operated. Unlike the traditional grid management solutions, PXiSE provides the tools to help manage power quality and grid stability in a world of increasing renewable and distributed electricity resources.

PXiSE Advanced Control Technology is a highly-advanced solution that enables smooth and rapid transition towards a more dynamic electric grid that gives customers, utilities and grid managers more control over a distributed power grid.

PXiSE Advanced Control Technology is a breakthrough grid control technology that is:

  1. Fast: Controlling energy resources at the frequency of the electric grid – 60 times per second.
  2. Precise: Real-time control using readily available substation data, factoring in transport delay, data drop-outs and controlling power fluctuations in the grid.
  3. Flexible: Tuned towards the dynamics of any distributed energy resource micro grid allowing real/reactive power, frequency or phase angle control.
  4. Coordinated: Multi-level data feedback control with power scheduling, battery energy balancing and integration with the OSIsoft PI system.
Improving Efficiency the Grid

PXiSE helps improve the efficiency and efficacy of the electric grid. By providing real-time control, customers, utilities and grid managers can better plan, manage and operate the electric grid to potentially reduce the need for spinning reserves during peak energy usage.

Supporting Reliability

PXiSE helps support reliability. By providing more precise control, electricity from solar and wind can be managed and delivered without interruptions traditionally caused by unforeseen conditions thereby reducing power-generation curtailments.

Managing Multiple Energy Sources

PXiSE helps solve intermittency and congestion problems that can be caused by a high percentage of distributed and renewable generation on the electric grid.  It does this by directly controlling inverters to manage voltage fluctuations in a fast-changing environment.