PXiSE is creating new ways
to manage today’s evolving grid

Our team of experts has experience in many areas of the energy industry

Patrick Lee
President & Co-Inventor

Patrick Lee is vice president of infrastructure and technology at Sempra Infrastructure, LLC, a subsidiary of Sempra Energy. In his current role, Lee founded and now leads the Sempra Energy investment in PXiSE Energy Solutions, LLC.

Lee is a proven executive with a successful track record. He completed a $1.8B, infrastructure project with 19 awards and has led numerous business operations with significant financial outcomes. He has over 30 years of energy industry experience in electric system planning, design, construction, operations, energy markets, renewables, and technology RD&D.

Lee graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from San Diego State University and holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering from California State University, Sacramento. He is also a registered professional electrical engineer in California and serves as treasurer and finance committee chair of IEEE Smart Village and on the council of advisors for the Jacobs School of Engineering at the University of California, San Diego.

Charles Wells
Chief Technology Architect & Co-Inventor

Chuck Wells is a military veteran and professional chemical and electrical engineer with over 40 years of real-time control experience. Wells has over 17 U.S. patents and has published +60 technical papers. He is an expert in synchro-phasor measurements and application in the power industry.

At the start of his career, Wells joined the United States Army. After completing basic training, Captain Wells was assigned to the Nike-X Project Office where he worked on the first automated control of phased array radars and closed loop missile controls. Later in his career, Wells was OSIsoft’s Wells was the lead software designer of the PI System C37.118 interface, PI System IEEE 1344 PMU interface, and the PI system FFT interface including real-time damping coefficient calculations and additional error detection functions in the interface.

Wells holds his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Vanderbilt University, and his master’s degree in chemical engineering and his doctorate degree in electrical engineering from Washington University. Wells is a registered professional chemical engineer in California and is an active participant in NASPI meetings since its founding in 2003 and the IEEE.

Raymond de Callafon
Chief Control System Architect & Co-Inventor

Raymond de Callafon is a full professor at the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). In his current role, de Callafon is the Chief Control System Architect for the PXiSE Advanced Control Technology.

De Callafon is a professional mechanical engineer with over 30 years of research experience on feedback control systems for electromechanical systems. De Callafon has won numerous industry and academic awards. He holds +1 U.S. patents and has published +100 technical papers.

De Callafon received his master’s and doctorate degrees in mechanical engineering from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. He is also the founding Director of the Synchrophasor Laboratory at UCSD.