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Imagine a world where you can orchestrate a chorus of distributed energy resources to deliver affordable, reliable, and clean power.

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PXiSE Energy Solutions offers high-speed, precise control technology that unlocks the potential of distributed and renewable energy generation while ensuring continuous system balance.

PXiSE is pronounced “pice”.


Entrepreneurial team with 100+ years of experience in utilities and software


700 MW of solar, wind, and battery storage control technology deployments


Patented synchrophasor application harnesses real-time data for better operations


Strong financial backing from industry-leading, Fortune 300 companies


February 13, 2021

PXiSE Reinforces Commitment to Customers and Partners Through New Business Development and Sales Leadership

SAN DIEGO - February 11, 2021 - PXiSE Energy Solutions, developer of next-generation grid control technology, announces two new team members: Head of Business Development, Chris Wiacek, and Head of…
February 4, 2021

The Time for DERMS is Now

Across the globe, communities are facing the issue of how to incorporate DERs at scale without impacting grid stability. This whitepaper from Guidehouse discusses how Horizon Power in Australia teamed…
October 9, 2020

SEPA Blog: Orchestrating a Path to the Grid of Tomorrow

Imagine a symphony orchestra preparing for a performance. The musicians tune their instruments, review the piece they’ve rehearsed many times, and focus closely on the conductor. The conductor is there…

Proven Technology

  • 700 MW and counting of controlled assets
  • Technology supports projects from 1 MW to 1+ GW
  • Integrates solar, wind, storage, and thermal assets for a complete control solution
  • First IEEE 2030.5 certified server in production
  • Independent real and reactive power
  • Sensor-based technology provides real-time grid control up to 60 Hertz

Creating an energy-secure world with global partners and projects

We have the knowledge of power and the power of knowledge.

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