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PXiSE provides the most effective software for managing the complexities arising from a 21st century grid.


News: PXiSE controls remote mining microgrid in Australia


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PXiSE Energy Solutions

We enable utilities, campuses, and communities to hit their clean energy goals by giving grid operators the control they need to manage unlimited renewables and distributed energy resources while still providing safe and reliable power.

DER Management and Communication Platform

Monitor, organize, and schedule the dispatch of customer DERs via a cloud-native 2030.5 server

Microgrid Controller

Manage and coordinate a localized group of DERs with real-time, and holistic system optimization.


Reach high penetration of renewable energy assets, coordinating DERs both FTM and BTM alongside traditional grid components.

Renewable Power Plant Controller

Maximize the efficiency and production of any combination of FTM and utility-scale renewable energy assets.

Why PXiSE?

PXiSE is pronounced “pice”.

PXiSE icon - expert team
Expert Team

Entrepreneurial team with 100+ years of experience in utilities and software.

PXiSE icon - PXiSE software
Innovative Approach

+1.5GW technology portfolio including solar, wind, and battery storage.

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Proven Technology

Patented synchrophasor application harnesses real-time data operations.

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Blue Chip Backed

Strong financial backing from industry-leading, Fortune 300 companies.

The combination of real-time control of their microgrid with DERMS level distributed control of grid assets enabled Australia’s Horizon Power to see a three-fold increase in renewable hosting capacity.



PXiSE icon - blue ribbon
1.5 GW and counting
of contracted assets
PXiSE icon - certificate
First IEEE 2030.5 certified
server in production

Supports projects from
1 MW to 1+ GW

solar, wind, storage,
and thermal assets

Independent control of
real and
reactive power

Sensor-based technology
provides real-time grid
control up to 60 hertz

Creating an energy-secure world with

Global Clients & Partners

A global map shows locations of various PXiSE projects.


What Our Clients & Partners Are Saying

PXiSE is very unique. Unlike most DERMS and microgrids, PXiSE has unique features with advanced control technology — it’s one of a kind... It’s beyond what is possible today. PXiSE is like a symphony and you need a conductor to make the music harmonized. One is technical and the other is the big picture, instead of a siloed solution.

News and Announcements

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July 11, 2024 in News

Renewables can reduce carbon emissions in mining

Many mining sites worldwide are in remote areas. The downside is that often these sites do not have access to electric grids and therefore rely…
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The role of BESS in combatting issues brought on by renewables

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March 18, 2024 in News

Robust technology will eliminate solar PV connection refusals across more than 34 microgrids in regional Western Australia

PXiSE DERMS aids utility partner Horizon Power with its objective of zero refusals for customer-connected solar PV
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