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We are PXiSE

Pronounced “pice”

We strive to create technology solutions that solve the toughest electric grid challenges of the 21st century.

We envision a future where all electric grids are optimized to provide safe, affordable, and renewable power. By harnessing the skills of our expert team, we implement industry leading grid control technology for DER and renewable energy integration around the world.

Our Co-Founders

Patrick Lee

Raymond de Callafon

Chuck Wells

PXiSE Beginnings

How did we get from the dream of a better grid to a ready-to-use operating system that makes incorporating renewables safe and easy? How did we grow from the seed of an idea, to an island proof of concept, to successful implementation in just a few short years? 

By keeping the needs of grid operators central to our mission and actions from day one.


Leadership Team

Tim Allen

President & CEO

Jennifer Baum

Head of Finance & Operations

Michael Christopher

Head of Software Development

Mak Manesh

Head of Product Management

Andy Miller

Head of Commercial Development

Fausto Perez

Head of Delivery & Support

Becky Wheeler

Head of Marketing

Career Opportunities

Join Our Innovative Team in San Diego, CA

PXiSE is comprised of forward thinkers. Our diverse team strives to achieve the highest standards of product quality, cross-functional collaboration, and customer engagement. Learn more about exciting opportunities to join our team.