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Renewable Power
Plant Controller

Maximize ROI by unifying solar, wind, and energy storage assets under one platform.


The PXiSE Renewable Power Plant Controller (PPC) helps large energy generation and storage portfolio owners, developers, and EPCs optimize the efficiency and production of any combination of front-of-the-meter (FTM) and utility-scale behind-the-meter (BTM) renewable energy assets.

A proven, integrated control solution for your renewable power generation assets and co-located battery storage.

Integrated controls

Bring clarity and reduce the cost of your renewable power plant’s operations through direct, real-time asset monitoring and optimization that consolidates disparate system controls and visualizations into a single PPC platform.

Reduce costs, maximize revenue

Guarantee the delivery of a fixed amount of energy by leveraging intermittent resources and virtually eliminating energy waste. The PXiSE Renewable Power Plant Controller:

  • Independently controls real and reactive power as measured at the point of interconnection (POI) to support participation in energy markets and ancillary service products.
  • Integrates and autonomously adjusts to demand response program and peak-load energy shifting parameters.

Plus, by digitally managing the power flow, our software helps protect equipment and extends the life of capacitors, inverters, relays, and gears. It also optimizes capacitor performance, reducing the quantity required to manage power quality.

Combat intermittency issues

Synchronized high-speed power control, including PV smoothing/ramp control and energy shifting.

  • Smooths intermittency - constant dynamic adjustment of power generation and storage assets to maximize profit – even on difficult days.
  • Forecasting - predicts intermittency and optimizes storage assets to facilitate high production storage capacity and low production power dispatch.
  • Low latency - augments predictions with fast, autonomous responses to real-time conditions.

Mitigates voltage and frequency fluctuations caused by solar or wind intermittency.

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Scalable, adaptable, and proven

Our proven solution manages any number of diverse resources and inverter types remotely or on site plus it scales and adapts to your project configuration as it grows.

PXiSE icons - PPC configurations

We remedied a site where a previous vendor couldn't figure out how to program the logic of the four capacitors that were interacting with the reactive power from the solar inverters. We replaced that vendor's SCADA controller with our PXiSE Power Plant Controller and resolved the issue.

Patrick Lee, Co-Founder, PXiSE Energy Solutions
Screen shot from PXiSE Renewable Power Plant Controller.

High-speed, high safety, high returns

The PXiSE Renewable Power Plant Controller uses high speed, precise, intelligent control of voltage, frequency, and real and reactive power.

  • Processes and reacts to phasor measurement unit (PMU) data 60x per second.
  • Synchronized rapid commands to individual inverters result in maximum use of limited capacity while preventing overloading or overstressing transformers.
  • Fail-safe controls include a backup system that opens breakers instead of relying on expensive relays to safely manage power flow.
  • Minimizes distortion throughout local distribution systems between DERs and the POI.


Contact us today to learn more about how the PXiSE Renewable Power Plant Controller can maximize the return on your assets.