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PXiSE Partners

Partnering and collaborating with PXiSE

Transforming the grid takes a village and we’re thrilled to be aligned with some of the best folks in the business.

As a grid management software developer, PXiSE relies on a robust community of vendors to bring our solutions to life. We’re hardware agnostic and always happy to forge new connections.

The power of partnership

Partner or collaborate with PXiSE and experience the satisfaction of delivering a project featuring precision controls capable of handling your most complex renewable power management specifications. Work with us to create an integrated system that:

  • Lowers installation and support costs
  • Reduces project complexity and risks
  • Shortens project duration
Upsell additional use cases and services with our best-in-class control system.
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Benefits of partnering with PXiSE

In addition to the customer benefits noted above, partnering and collaborating with PXiSE enables you to:

Offer pre-integrated solutions

  • Vet our software in a lab environment to prove different use cases and project configurations to reduce time-to-market
  • Share expertise on past integration wins and limitations to expedite project delivery
  • Benefit from benchmark testing in PSS/E and PSCAD

Maximize the full potential of your offerings

  • Manage multiple grid-forming inverters on a single network without conflict
  • Put our controller in charge of holistically optimizing all distributed energy resources on a network to ensure:
  • - Each component can be used to its full potential
    - Components enhance rather than compete with each other
    - Set point conflicts are avoided
    - Multiple use-cases can be derived from a single resource

Help your customers achieve their renewable portfolio standard goals quicker

  • Offer customers a replacement for fossil-fuel spinning reserve in the form of synthetic inertia or rapid reserve derived from batteries
  • Stabilize frequency issues which commonly arise when intermittent renewable generation sources are introduced

Get support throughout the full project life cycle

  • Technical expertise to help with RFI and RFP responses
  • Specialized engineering staff to help design and implement both proven and novel applications
  • Post-installation software support
  • Boots-on-the-ground in more than 60 countries through our Yokogawa affiliate network
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Who we’d love to work with

Inverter manufacturers

High-speed, grid-forming and smart inverter manufacturers with a desire for sophisticated controls that can amplify the capabilities of your hardware and maximize the ROI for your customers.

Battery manufacturers

Producers of battery energy storage systems (BESS) for energy storage looking to unlock additional use cases and value with a high-speed, sophisticated controller that can communicate directly with the battery management system while orchestrating other distributed energy resources or multiple BESSs on the same power network.

The PXiSE partners ecosystem

PXiSE collaborates with experts across the entire project life cycle.

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Join our ecosystem

Interested in joining our grid transformation efforts? Reach out to us so we can discuss how we can work together.