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Frost & Sullivan

Customer Value Leadership Award

2021 Best Practices Awards

PXiSE: Global microgrid and distributed energy resources industry leader

Frost & Sullivan rates PXiSE’s capability to deliver optimal digitalization outcomes and business value far higher than its nearest competition. They conclude that PXISE’s technology is a best-in-class digital solution for utilities, commercial, and industrial end users.

During their evaluation, Frost & Sullivan found that our combination of synchrophasor and digital technologies delivers unmatched business value to clients in the areas of asset performance management, digital asset stacking, and control objectives. These advantages empower our clients to efficiently scale up their asset base, resulting in incremental revenue while saving on operational and maintenance costs with predictive asset maintenance.

Their analysis identifies four major challenges facing the power generation industry:

  • Power Quality: Ensuring optimal power generation asset management while maintaining stable levels of grid power quality
  • Asset Performance Management: Accurately implementing digitalization solutions that improve overall asset control and grid performance
  • Reducing Ownership Risk: Launching new business models that encourage capital investments while considering supply/demand shortfalls
  • Support of Digital Asset Stacking: Developing a strong technology platform that supports solution scaling as generation capacity continues to be added incrementally

Leveraging a common platform, all of PXiSE’s software products: DERMS, Microgrid Controller, and Renewable Power Plant Controller provide solutions to the challenges listed above, enabling our clients to successfully tackle some of their largest issues.

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