Smart City

DER Management and Communication Platform Interest form

Pre-release pilot

PXiSE Energy Solutions is conducting a pre-release pilot of its DER Management and Communication Platform. During this pilot, selected utilities will be offered our cloud-native product for free in exchange for valuable feedback that will help us test and enhance the product before making it available to the public.

Participating utilities will benefit from free full product support during the pilot period and will have a unique opportunity to influence product enhancements.

Participation requirements

To be eligible for the pilot, the participant must be a utility, Community Choice Aggregator, or electricity provider, and:

  1. Complete the form to indicate their interest
  2. Have a minimum of five distributed energy resources (solar PV, battery storage and/or EV chargers) on their network that have 2030.5 communication capability that would participate in the pilot
  3. Be willing to dedicate adequate resources to the pilot including engineering expertise and stakeholder attendance at weekly check-ins
  4. Agree to allow PXiSE to share pilot outcomes in marketing materials