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Eliminate Controller Confusion

A prescription for grid health

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What is controller confusion?

Controller confusion, sometimes called controller conschmoller disorder, is typified by the onset of option paralysis when deciding which steps to take first to address DER challenges on your grid.

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Typical symptoms

Rapid adoption of distributed energy resources (DERs) in your utility’s territory

Influx of electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging stations

Grid stability issues caused by renewables’ intermittency

Load management concerns caused by wildly variable power generation and consumption patterns

Current or threat of service outages related to voltage, thermal, or frequency constraint violations by DERs

Even if these ailments haven’t already manifested in your utility’s territory, the mere threat of them may also cause controller confusion.

The issue arises when attempting to determine which controller will be most effective at curing current ailments. Is a microgrid controller best? Or perhaps a distributed energy resource management system (DERMS) would be better, or how about a local area distribution controller (LADC)?

You are not alone. Controller confusion affects the best of us.

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