Webinar: Stabilizing power for optimal green hydrogen production

Getting to affordable green hydrogen

Using 100% renewable power to run an electrolyzer is no small feat but is exactly what needs to happen to produce truly green hydrogen. By definition, green hydrogen must use renewable sources to power the electrolyzer. Since electrolyzers can be sensitive to power fluctuations, ensuring a reliable and stable power flow from intermittent renewables is critical to optimizing hydrogen production.

In this webinar recording Andy Miller shares the techno-economic case for a green hydrogen facility power setup and discusses the Yuri green hydrogen plant in Australia, where PXiSE is providing its controller to autonomously manage the power flow provided by solar PV and batteries.


Originally aired on January 25, 2024 in collaboration with Microgrid Knowledge and T&D World


One hour


  • Andy Miller, PXiSE
  • Rod Walton, Microgrid Knowledge