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Maximize renewables and distributed resources using existing networks.

PXiSE makes managing renewables and DERs at scale painless, with accurate forecasts and high-speed controls to improve grid resilience as well as revenue.


PXiSE solutions help utilities, energy service providers, and organizations with:

PXiSE icon - uninterrupted power.
Uninterrupted Power

Autonomous and seamless energy source transitions optimized to deliver resilient and high-quality power

PXiSE icon - streamlined control.
Streamlined Control

Dispatch thousands of DERs with reliable asset modeling, maximizing efficiency and control in existing networks

PXiSE icon - Proactive Response
Proactive Response

Gain critical insights through predictive forecasting for market optimization reducing operational cost

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Flexible Framework

Scale and increase capacity effortlessly, integrating and reliably deploying a mix of new DERs

Building the Resilient Grid

Establish an efficient and reliable energy system while integrating renewable DERs into existing traditional infrastructure. Automatic real-time monitoring mitigates the impact of unplanned events through isolation or changes in renewable resource availability with seamless transitions to create a resilient scalable system.
3D rendering of PXiSE controller at the center of several DERs.
3D illustration depicting optimized energy distribution.

Optimized Energy Distribution

Proactively manage the grid through real-time developments and load forecasting to carefully navigate peak load times and high price periods. Coordinated DER schedules generated from these forecasts autonomously can shift power dispatch to increase the efficiency and profitability of the operation.

Seeing the Big Picture

Visualize critical data points, measure device impact, and investigate the future state of your assets through a unified platform. Taking into consideration the complex of variables associated with each connected DER, the platform provides operators with relevant quality data that enables the situational awareness to respond quickly to market changes.
Artistic 3D rendering of a central DERMS connected to several microgrids and individual distributed energy resources.


PXiSE software solutions maximize the efficiency and production of energy generation from solar, wind, and energy storage to deliver advanced control functionality and economic optimization in real-time.

DER Management and Communication Platform

Monitor, organize, and schedule the dispatch of customer DERs via a cloud-native 2030.5 server

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Microgrid Controller

Real-time management and coordination of a localized group of DERs with holistic system optimization

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Reach high penetration of renewable energy assets, coordinating DERs both FTM and BTM alongside traditional grid components

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Renewable Power Plant Controller

Maximize the efficiency and production of any combination of FTM and utility-scale renewable energy assets

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What Our Clients & Partners Are Saying

The PXiSE Platform enabled Horizon Power to increase hosting capacity in Onslow by demonstrating secure management of very high levels of customer DER. This allowed Horizon Power to confidently approve connections thereby enabling customers to decrease their electricity costs and reducing the hydrocarbons emissions.

Horizon Power, DERMS and Microgrid Customer

If it’s a microgrid and complex, I would offer up PXiSE because of that capability. They have a unique offering that’s better suited than a lot of other products that I’ve seen in the same space.

EPC Partner

The PXiSE team was committed to helping IEnova reach our project goals on our first solar deployment by going above and beyond the project scope to meet our needs.

IEnova, PPC Customer

They have really sharp people. We usually dive down in the details and expect responses to highly technical questions, which they had. We couldn’t stump them. Very technically astute.

Utility Customer