Pioneering Solutions for Autonomous Grid Control

Operating the grid harmoniously is a novel concept, and it’s what we do.

With the increased demand on the electric grid from renewables and distributed energy resources (DERs), we make it possible to provide stable, reliable, and cost-effective power.

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Configurable and Scalable Solutions for the Evolving Grid

PXiSE Solutions


  • Automatic, seamless islanding ensures resilience from grid disruptions
  • High-speed controls supports fully renewable microgrids
  • Software solution is replicable, scalable, and fast to deploy

Solutions For:

  • Utilities
  • Public Sector
  • Campuses

Comprehensive DERMS

  • Coordinate thousands of DERs with traditional grid components
  • Ensure power quality, reliability, security, and cost savings
  • Meets industry DERMS requirements and complies with IEEE standards

Solutions For:

  • Utilities
  • Energy Service Providers
  • Retailers

Renewable Power Plant Control

  • Control solar, wind, and battery storage through one platform
  • Reduce operational costs and improve market optimization
  • Integrate storage to maximize asset performance

Solutions For:

  • Energy Generation Providers
  • Developers
  • Utilities

What Our Clients and Partners Are Saying

The PXiSE team was committed to helping IEnova reach our project goals on our first solar deployment by going above and beyond the project scope to meet our needs. It made a positive impact on us and our ongoing relationship with PXiSE.

PPC Customer, IEnova

PXiSE is very unique. Unlike most DERMS and microgrids, PXiSE has unique features with advanced control technology — it’s one of a kind... It’s beyond what is possible today. PXiSE is like a symphony and you need a conductor to make the music harmonized. One is technical and the other is the big picture, instead of a siloed solution.

PXiSE Partner

If it’s a microgrid and complex, I would offer up PXiSE because of that capability. They have a unique offering that’s better suited than a lot of other products that I’ve seen in the same space.

EPC Partner

They have really sharp people. We usually dive down in the details and expect responses to highly technical questions, which they had. We couldn’t stump them. Very technically astute.

Utility Customer

When I talk about how happy I am with them, it’s because they are incredibly flexible; 100% accommodating to our requests, no problem.

Utility Customer

Cutting-edge technology and the opportunity to change the world.

PXiSE Partner

We have the knowledge of power and the power of knowledge.

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