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Clovis Vaughn

Delivery & Support

Clovis Vaughn

Project Manager
Delivery & Support

What makes PXiSE nice?
The passion and the people – even before Day 1, I felt this team has a real desire to innovate and drive the world to a more sustainable future. And that’s a mission I can get behind.

What’s the spice you personally bring to PXiSE?
Process automation – taking the mundane, routine, and tedious tasks and finding innovative ways to simplify, standardize and automate them, so more energy can be spent on solving the bigger and more exciting challenges!

What do you like to eat with rice?
Pork belly

What’s your version of paradise?
A secluded cabin on the beach with my wife and two dogs, with a venue space to host parties with all our friends and family.

What advice would you give to your younger self?
There really is no end destination, and so no real reason to rush so fast to get there. Take the time to enjoy life and soak up the best aspects of each moment.