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Terri Hand

Commercial Development

Terri Hand

Contracts Manager
Commercial Development

What makes PXiSE nice?
What makes PXiSE nice is the fact I get to work with intelligent, fun, and talented people.

What do you like to eat with rice?
Fish is what I eat with rice. Having a Japanese mother, this is one of the staples in my diet.

In a zombie apocalypse, who would you sacrifice?
Do cockroaches count?

What vacation would you love to take more than twice?
The vacation that I love to take more than twice is circumnavigating the world on our sailboat.

What advice would you give to your younger self?
I pretty much was raised to be afraid of a lot of things but once I realized as a young adult how attainable a dream is, it pushed me to accomplish more. I know this is cliché but “Follow your dreams!”