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PXiSE in top 10 Microgrid Controls Vendors on Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard

Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard: Microgrid Controls Vendors 2021 cover.

PXiSE’s Microgrid Controller is ranked among the top ten in this report by Guidehouse Insights, and is called out for its differentiated offering as a utility-friendly solution:

“PXiSE is unique among microgrid controls vendors due to its focus on utility clients.”

With the microgrid market heating up, Guidehouse limits the pool of qualifying companies in this report to those with the greatest market impact due to their controls offerings, effect on overall industry innovation, and relevance to overall global microgrid market trends. For the purposes of this report, Guidehouse defines a microgrid as

A distribution network that incorporates a variety of possible distributed energy resources that can be optimized and aggregated into a single system that can balance loads and generation and is capable of islanding connected or not connected to a traditional utility power grid.

PXiSE’s Microgrid Controller is perfectly aligned with Guidehouse’s notion of an advanced microgrid, which includes the “capability to effortlessly island while keeping renewables online, coupled with the ability to also support the surrounding grid with ancillary services.”

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