Solar Energy Panels In The Vineyards Of California.

Commercial Microgrid Sustains Winery During Power Outages

Winery Microgrid project case study cover

Project Goal

The primary objective for the Winery Microgrid is to provide resiliency during grid failures. This commercial winery uses a microgrid to minimize uncertainty in electricity costs as well as protect against utility system outages and power disturbances.

PXiSE Solution

The PXiSE Microgrid Controller autonomously optimizes onsite resources to deliver an advantageous net usage profile that mitigates spikes in electric consumption that impact demand charges. PXiSE successfully demonstrated seamless disconnect and reconnection of the microgrid. Equipped with these real-time controls, the operators can easily optimize the energy mix and increase the integration of the batteries and solar PV to ensure stability in the event of an outage.

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