Electrifying transit in Martha’s Vineyard

Project Goal

With a 466kW solar PV array and 16 bus charging stations at its operations center, the Martha’s Vineyard Transit Authority needed an automated system to address several key challenges they were facing. These included integrating with a demand response program, managing multiple DERs, coordinating a BESS, managing intermittency, and operating it all under staffing constraints.

PXiSE Solution

PXiSE installed its Microgrid Controller to unify the control and optimization of all the on-site DERs and ensure the microgrid’s primary function (ensuring buses are charged and ready in the morning) is being fulfilled. PXiSE’s Microgrid Controller also facilitated previously unknown access to operational and economic opportunities and benefits like:

  • Increasing uptimes
  • Enabling market participation
  • Shifting demand charges
  • Eliminating the need for additional systems
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