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Making EV charging stations profitable

Co-authored by PXiSE’s Chief Technology Architect Chuck Wells and Charles W. Botsford of Starcrest Consulting Group, Use of Synchrophasors to Transform NEVI EV Charging Stations and Energy Storage into Distribution Grid Nodes makes a case for turning electric vehicle (EV) charging stations into utility assets by developing them as microgrids. When equipped with phasor measurement units (PMUs), battery energy storage and a sophisticated microgrid controller, these stations would be capable of offering grid services including:

  • Grid resiliency and stability
  • Reactive power injection, VAR compensation
  • Frequency regulation
  • Peak shaving, peak shifting
  • Demand charge management
  • Supply capacity and firming
  • Congestion relief

Tapping into these services, especially when aggregated across multiple stations, would help utilities defer costly distribution grid upgrades. Plus, it would provide EV station owners new revenue streams by enabling them to offer ancillary services.

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