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Press Release – Leading the renewable energy transformation in Western Australia

Media Release

Leading the renewable energy transformation in Western Australia

  • Horizon Power has successfully commissioned a solar farm and utility scale battery in the Pilbara coastal town of Onslow.
  • PXiSE Microgrid Controller is successfully managing the output of the solar farm and utility scale battery in coordination with the power station in Onslow.

Horizon Power, Western Australia’s regional and remote energy utility, is leading the renewable energy transformation with a demonstration project that enables the integration of much higher levels of renewable energy into an isolated microgrid in the remote town of Onslow.

With a goal to provide more sustainable and cleaner electricity to its customers, and decrease generation costs, Horizon Power’s Onslow project integrates the solar farm and battery storage system with a gas-fired power station, coordinated by the PXiSE Energy Solutions Microgrid Controller.

For the Onslow project, the PXiSE Microgrid Controller uses high-speed data from connected energy assets to simultaneously optimize renewable energy output and power quality. Lower operating costs are expected, as solar power displaces diesel generation.

Onslow customers have also been incentivized to install solar and battery at their homes as part of the project which tests the management of renewable energy in an isolated regional community.

Horizon Power Chief Executive Officer Stephanie Unwin said the work underway in Onslow was a significant part of the State’s renewable energy transformation, building both Western Australian capability and more renewable-friendly systems for their regional communities.

“The microgrid management technology is an amazing piece of technology that is new to this State and allows for the careful management of the various energy sources in the town,” she said.

“The entire PXiSE team applauds the dedication of Horizon Power to bring more renewable energy to the communities they serve by completing this milestone” said Patrick Lee, PXiSE Chief Executive Officer.

“We look forward to the next stages of the project where, ultimately, the full management system will offer Horizon Power a more granular and comprehensive level of insight into their network.” – Andrew Todd, Chief Executive Officer, GTSgroup, a PXiSE project partner.

“By controlling and coordinating energy storage and generation assets, Horizon Power will be empowered to directly engage its customers as participants in the transition to a more renewable grid and away from costly fuel imports,” said Mr. Lee.

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Media contact: Trevi Communications

About Horizon Power

Horizon Power is the West Australian Government’s regional and remote power provider. They are passionate about what they do and strive to ensure their customers receive safe and reliable power to their homes, businesses, and communities. Their people and their families live in many of the regional and remote communities they service and support. Spanning some 2.3 million square kilometers, this makes them responsible for the largest geographical catchment of any Australian power provider.

Horizon Power operates 38 power systems delivering power to more than 110,000 homes, communities, and businesses. This includes 32 microgrids tailored to meet the unique needs of some of the most isolated and remote communities in the world.

Horizon Power is making significant investments in developing its renewable energy capability and expertise. It currently has a number of initiatives underway exploring new and innovative ways of providing their customers with more sustainable, affordable power.

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About PXiSE Energy Solutions

PXiSE (pronounced ‘pice’) develops next-generation grid management technology. PXiSE microgrid and DERMS solutions unlock the potential of distributed generation to improve reliability and increase renewable energy output while ensuring system balance and power quality. PXiSE brings decades of utility management, field engineering, and software development skills together to develop and implement its industry-leading grid controls technology.

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About GTSgroup

GTSgroup is APAC’s leading OSIsoft support specialist and an experienced and versatile OT/IT services partner in the broader scope of real-time Data Management and Systems Integration. Based in Australia, the GTSgroup is PXiSE Energy Solutions’ integration partner in the region and offers services including system and data analysis, design, development, deployment, project management, consulting, and 24×7 support.