PPC Myths

Integrated Monitoring & Control Platforms for Hybrid Power Plants

The rapid pace of digitalization across the energy sector has led to a shift toward capital optimization of renewable energy asset portfolios, putting more pressure on energy companies to establish fully operational assets. This Guidehouse Insights white paper debunks six myths about renewable energy power plant controls and is a must-read for anyone researching monitoring and control (M&C) platforms and how they can prevent both generation and financial losses related to deviations in power plant energy and capacity yield.

The six myths:

    1. Buying the right M&C pieces means they will work well together
    2. Software that comes with a renewable energy asset is ideal for the job
    3. Order of installation for M&C pieces does not matter
    4. Legacy SCADA constrains the value of new systems
    5. We are limited by battery capacities
    6. Different use cases demand different batteries
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