Microgrid Controllers: Rapid Relief for Today’s Dynamic Grid

Grid operators and planners shouldn’t (and can’t afford to) wait to solve reliability issues and network and hosting capacity constraints. There are multiple paths forward to solve emerging grid challenges today. Which path a utility takes depends on its answers to three questions:

  1. What is your utility’s philosophy toward managing customer-owned assets located behind the meter?
  2. What is the depth of your utility’s relationship with its residential, industrial, and commercial customers?
  3. What are the current conditions on your utility’s grid?

This white paper—the second in a three-part series—explains how and when a microgrid controller can help utilities manage emerging grid challenges as they map their way toward a fully renewable, multidirectional, resilient grid.

Utility white papers series

  1. Utility roadmap to a resilient, renewable grid
  2. Microgrid Controllers: Rapid Relief for Today’s Dynamic Grid
  3. DERMS: Yes or No for Your Utility?
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