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News Release

Key vendors appointed to AEMO Project EDGE

The development of a world first Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Marketplace through Australia’s Project EDGE is on track to commence operational trialling in early 2022

PXiSE Energy Solutions has been chosen to provide data processing of market transactions according to network operating limits and to provide logic elements to deliver the wholesale energy dispatch capability of the DER Marketplace, while considering the trade of local network services.

Read the full announcement from project partners, AEMO, AusNet Services, and Mondo.

Project EDGE DER Marketplace

Australia’s energy ecosystem is rapidly transforming into a more decentralized and two-way energy system, driven by the country’s worldwide leadership in household and commercial solar generation and energy storage capabilities. The increasing DER presence in the Australian market presents both technical challenges and opportunities that AEMO intends to address through its DER Program. A DER Marketplace is one solution AEMO is exploring as it adapts its market systems and operation capabilities to support Australia’s evolving energy distribution system.
As experts in two-way grid control technology, PXiSE Energy Solutions is providing software that will act as the market intelligence hub driving the DER Marketplace. This integrated software solution will enable the trading of distributed energy services between buyers and sellers in a trial entitled “Project EDGE” being conducted in the National Electricity Market (NEM) in Victoria.

PXiSE software addresses requirements in the DER Marketplace for both wholesale market services and local network support services with a set of market business rules and participation by aggregators according to operational limits published by the Distribution Network Service Provider (DNSP). It will enable DER resources to meet both wholesale and local electricity needs, through wholesale real-time balancing, bid-clearing, verification, and reporting.

This groundbreaking DER Marketplace aims to achieve several “firsts”:

  • First market/system operator and distribution system operation collaboration to demonstrate DER
    delivering services using dynamic operating envelopes to ensure DER operate within a
    predetermined capacity. This will ensure reliability of the distribution network while maximizing
    available DER participation in the market.
  • First in the industry to integrate and dispatch DER to simultaneously provide services for
    wholesale and local network requirements such as non-wire alternatives (resulting in capital
    deferral) and low-energy reinforcement needs (addressing outages and voltage problems).
  • First to demonstrate economically optimized operating envelopes and security-constrained
    energy dispatch using DER.
  • First to demonstrate a cloud-based DER Marketplace solution designed to scale.

A complete solution

The market continues to shift from primarily large power plants to decentralised smaller-scale consumer-owned generation. In order to facilitate DER participation, market operators need increased visibility into DER availability across their networks. PXiSE’s solutions take into account how DER can maximize value in the wholesale market while satisfying the local service needs of distribution network service providers. Our technology selects the distributed resources to dispatch according to a set of business and market rules. This includes security constrained energy dispatch, and economically optimized capacity allocation at the distribution-network level, providing a reliable and cost-effective energy resources dispatch tool to meet dynamic system demands.

Combining this market-based approach with PXiSE’s proven ability to coordinate resources and operate the modern grid through fast and accurate advanced controls, we provide a complete solution for any market in the world–from a direct control solution at a single utility to a regional grid with an organized market model.

Media contact

Eugene Hunt

Trevi Communications for PXiSE Energy Solutions
Phone: +1 (978) 750-0333 x.101