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PXiSE products for developers and EPCs

Complex configuration with battery storage integration? No problem, that’s PXiSE’s sweet spot.

Choose a PXiSE controller for your next utility-scale project. Our software handles the control and SCADA scope that covers network configuration, control system design, equipment purchasing, and commissioning.

PXiSE offers an autonomous software solution for renewable power generation assets and co-located battery storage that uses high speed, precise, intelligent controls to manage voltage, frequency, and real and reactive power.

The PXiSE advantage

  • Hardware agnostic software that leverages PMU data for fast, precise control
  • Cost-effective upfront capital expenditure.
  • Efficient commissioning time and ease of configuration ensures project milestones are met.
  • A solid track record of meeting contractual SCADA and controls requirements.
  • Extensive experience with complex projects, including integration with CAISO and other energy markets, sites with multiple power purchase agreements, and hybrid power plants.

Product advantages

Leveraging PMU data for fast, precise control, PXiSE’s software smooths intermittency associated with renewable energy production and is highly scalable, easily adapting and re-optimizing as new assets come online.

Microgrid Controller

Manage and coordinate localized DERs and loads by efficiently dispatching resources for resiliency, power quality, and economic benefit.

  • Behind-the-meter and In-front-of-the-meter applications
  • Proprietary predictive analytics engine forecasts and dispatches assets
  • Unlimited distributed energy resources
  • Autonomous controls that require little staff training

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