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White paper on how to right size your company’s battery energy storage system (BESS)

Right-sizing a battery energy storage system for your company may seem simple. At first glance, it appears to be a function of what electrical load you need it to carry and for how long during a power outage. But backup power isn’t the only benefit a BESS can offer.

In addition to backup power, a BESS can provide the means for your company to take advantage of:

  1. Peak shaving: lowering your electricity bill by reducing costly power demand peaks
  2. Load shifting: changing when your company uses power to times when it’s cheaper
  3. Renewables optimization: making the most of your renewables
  4. Ancillary services: offering services that support grid stability in exchange for revenue

The good news is that with these additional benefits, your return on investment can improve quickly and dramatically. The bad news is once you factor in those elements, the return-on-investment calculation of installing a BESS becomes more complex. Consumption patterns, electricity rate structures, cost avoidance and revenue potential all become part of the equation. We’re here to help.

Our white paper Can battery storage improve your company’s energy efficiency? walks you through the steps any commercial or industrial facility should take to determine the right battery size that offers the best return on investment.