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PXiSE offers pre-release pilot of its 2030.5 server

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PXiSE offers free pre-release version of its 2030.5 server to utilities

PXiSE is offering its DER Management and Communicaton Platform for free in a pre-release pilot to utilities interested in testing the platform’s functionality with their customers’ distributed energy resources (DERs).

The PXiSE platform enables utilities to register, monitor, and organize customer DERs and schedule their dispatch. With this level of visibility and management, utilities can comfortably add increasing numbers of customer-owned renewables to the grid and are better informed about how much generation to add from utility-owned assets to maintain a balanced grid. The platform enables network modeling as well as future planning and optimization of the entire grid.

The pre-release pilot will enable PXiSE to prove the technology’s capabilities and offer utilities a unique opportunity to influence product enhancements based on their own requirements.

The new cloud-native platform will be downloadable from Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace later this year and is expected to simplify utilities’ ability to monitor and manage DERs such as solar PV and battery storage.

Utilities interested in participating in the pilot are encouraged to register their interest online and to view a product demonstration at PXiSE’s booth at the IEEE PES Grid Edge Technologies conference in San Diego this April.

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