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White paper for utilities looking to start small with customer DER management

PXiSE’s white paper How to Scale Customer DER Management to Achieve Utility Goals Today—and Tomorrow is an excellent resource for utilities looking for a simplified entry point into the world of managing customer distributed energy resources (DERs).

The white paper offers utilities insights into the benefits of starting small with a DER management and communication software platform for the purposes of DER management, forecasting and scheduling. It suggests utilities can pilot and study the software platform’s capabilities and impacts on a small scale and use resulting system data to build a foundation for network modeling and grid optimization, eventually leading to autonomous grid management services such as those provided by a distributed energy resource management system (DERMS).

Outlining advantages to distribution operators and planners, as well as utility customer program teams, the white paper demonstrates how DER management technology provides solutions to today’s problems while offering stepping-stones that lead to broader and more sophisticated control schemas.

A snapshot of a DERMS pilot program is included, as is a seven-step approach for DERMS deployment, informed by early findings from the pilot.

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